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Stock Watch, inspired but vintage watches, is a well crafted timepiece by 27 year old Melbourne designer and avid watch collector David Tatangelo. Ideal for everyday wear and equally at home as a refined accompaniment to a formal outfit, its great to see products of this calibre produced by a young local design talent.

Available in a range of colours for RRP $180. For further information visit

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Kawa Pendant by Souda

Made using the same slip-casting technique as the Kawa Porcelain series, the Kawa Pendant creates a warm natural light that highlights the form and surface of these unique porcelain objects through illumination. The pendants can be hung individually or clustered in groups to create larger light forms.

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UB House / Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Camilo Andrés Mejía Bravo + Andrés Felipe Mesa Trujillo

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Chair / Iva Markovac

I wanted my first wooden chair to look modern, even a bit futuristic, but also with the touch of something traditional. Lines of the chair are very simple.  The chair is easy to produce and it is comfortable to sit in. I chose walnut tree wood cause of its aesthetic value and quality.

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